I read an article about the fact that banks will now have to ask if their clients would like a $35 dollar overdraft fee. That a great thing, and I hope that it will not only help consumers but also force banks to make money the old fashioned way; service and excellence. According to the article the maneuver of “helping” you out and then charging you a ludicrous fee is a billion dollar industry. I can only imagine how many struggling professionals and students have had a cup of coffee before a presentation or exam cost 40 dollars. Its outrageous.

I have also been blessed to be reading the opinions of many judges due to my law school classes. There are truly brilliant people out there. How refreshing to think about it. Sometimes I forget that there are those great minds hidden in the rush of everyday life.

Besides that nothing much else is going on. Oh wait, my golf swing, its hilarity. I think I have changed it at least ten times. I was doing the math, every Golf magazine has as the lead article “add 20 yards”, “add 10 yards”, etc. I guess I should have a 400 yard pitching wedge as should the rest of America. Anyway, the struggle will continue, hitting balls after work has helped at least relieve some stress.


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