I read an article today that was an older lawyer’s reflection on his career and the things that he should have known when he was younger.  These were:
1 – Build Networks early and maintain them throughout your career
2 – Don’t hold happiness hostage
3 – Overcome the grip of inertia
4 – It’s not all about you
I think that these are not only lessons for the attorney but for everyone.  I will comment on one. I think there is a need to maintain the relationships that we built and should not be limited by people in our lives or ourselves.  We should value friends and not be lazy with follow ups and calls.  I really need to get on this one, because for the last few years I was not the most available person for my family let alone my friends.  I had a very long talk with a friend of mine.  I have not really had someone bust my chops that bad in a long time.  I think it is what I needed to snap out of it.  He is the only person who has called me out on certain things that no one else perceived or even thought of; I thought I was so smart, but alas that gig is up.
I am going to play golf this weekend a few times, actually I am going to hit with the guys for the first time in a few weeks.  I think I can take them at closest to the pin…so long as the pin with within 150 yards.  I feel it, it is here.  I have been using the PING clubs for a few times now and I think that they are coming alive.  I think that it will be a good thing.
School is good.  I have been reading more often and I actually ordered some lectures on CD to accompany me on my ridiculous commute.  Hopefully they pay off or at least do no bore me to the point where I pass out on the 110 or the 405 freeways. 

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