Amphipod Hydraform Handheld 12oz Review

12oz, plastic, BPA-Free water Bottle ergonomically designed to prevent hand cramping.  Designed to fit in the hand, Strap with built in pocket.

I think it’s a great bottle for everyday running, but anything longer than 4 or 5 miles I would consider more water.  I sweat a ton and I bonk very quickly if I have not been keeping on top of hydrating.  For a longer run I would go with a 16 oz bottle, see review over at Endurance Buzz – 16 oz Amphipod PURErun

I put the bottle to the test on accident.  My previous post I mention going for 9 miles in rain, when the intention as a 1 mile out and back; this was the bottle I was using.

The bottle performed much better than I expected.  As many people have commented the design is odd at first, true, but after a few miles the bottle slides into the hand, and I did not even think about it when I was in stride.  I recall in HS our cross country coach in an effort to have us relax, would say to act as if we had butterflies trapped between our fingers, this bottle felt similar.  I could grip it, but it was not a death grip.  It felt natural.

The other complaint that I read about regarding the Amphipod bottles (20oz) was that the mouth piece was tough to work quickly on the run.  That was not the case with this bottle.  I closed the mouthpiece with my thumb after taking quick sips.  The pocket is small, 2 GU, credit card and a car key will fit comfortably. 

Warning: runner’s who use the music players on their phones, try a pack or a larger handheld.  PDAs, Blackberry, or iPhones do not fit in the pocket.  I have seen runners for the sake of efficiency try and cram things into handhelds.  I have a BB Bold and I had to leave it in the car.  I run with a Shuffle, but I figure I should inform.  

The Strap was sturdy, some other reviews complained that it would come loose, but I did not experience this, I only tightened it once on the run because I was trying to focus on anything but the rainy day jog.  The pocket definitely does wick away moisture and I did not feel that it was retaining any sweat, which was nice. 

For everyday runs this will definitely be my “go to” bottle.  Whenever I stray further or hit the trails I will probably go with a pack.  I just feel safer with extra GU or just space to tie a jacket when the run goes longer.  Definitely would recommend this handheld.



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