Saucony ProGrid Peregrine Shoes – Video Test – Downhill

Running downhill and the Saucony ProGrid Peregrine Shoes are amazing downhill. Good Rock-plate, but calfs def felt the 4mm drop  The terrain changes and they responded well.  Judge the shoes response to the downhill for yourself.


  1. Really solid work Philosopher Runner! How'd those shoes feel?…besides the rock stabbing your foot! Good luck on the AR50 next weekend brother! I KNOW you're going to dig deep and give it your best effort! Your goal is to inspire at least one person?……..right here, you inspire me. Gracias amigo.


  2. You know the rocks section was crumby but not that bad i did not slip at all, honestly they felt great, and now that I got the size down even better, totally doing a disservice with wrong sizing.

    Pretty soon you'll be doing an ultra…before you know it


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