Podcasts on my iPod …

Running/ Fitness Related

100 Mile Ultra running Podcast – trailslammer.podbean.com – podcast discussed the Grand Slam of Ultra Running, and most recently Training for the Berkeley Marathons (ridiculously difficult race)..he is also a family man, he will routinely talk about having to fix this or take his kids to that…he does a great job of managing the ultra life (not the beer) and regular life.

B-HAG Running Podcast – From Australia, discusses training down under and trail running. He is very good about telling you how he is modifying his training and how it is working for him. He is a good source of information as well since he is always pluging and suggesting other podcasts to listeners

The Extra Mile Podcast – 513-397-0525 – theextramilepodcast@gmail.com – it is a compilation of voicemails and listener submitted race reports and updates; I have submitted…also it chronicles the Podcaster’s training and racing

Dirt Dawgs Rambling Diatribe – Coming from Detriot it’s a great podcast talking about training for marathon’s, ultramarathons and managing 2 parents running with small kids; interesting how they balance the running and ever day life.

Phedippidations http://www.steverunner.com – podcast about runners, for runners…it’s been around the longest and has a wealth of information as well. Podcaster is a former Radio host and the editing of this one is great, he puts a lot of work in to get insights and pulls from a variety of resources; other blogs, literature, books, philosophy, etc.

Running with the Packhttp://www.parkedthoughts – 2 hosts, they work at a university and manage to get their fitness in. They are entertaining and the conversation flows very naturally…it’s almost like being in a room with them…they also do Triathlons and product reviews.

Geeks in Running Shoeshttp://www.geeksinrunningshoes.com – 2 hosts, one of the first podcasts I listened too. They are very entertaining, have great info and are very open to new info from any and all sources. They have interviewed a wide array of people from Russell (3nonJoggers podcast) to Scott Jurek (ultramarathon deity). They are witty and tend to drink beer when recording which usually makes things more interesting.

This Running Life – thisrunninglife.wordpress.com – Host was an overweight unhealthy person and transformed his life and became a fit vegan trying to qualify for Boston. His transformation is an amazing testament to hard work and he delves a lot into adjusting to his life as a healthy runner.

Quadrathon – quadrathon.blogspot.com – host provides reviews of products (check out his site) and his podcast chronicles his training for Ultras while managing his life in Southern California. Its really nice to hear about his trail running since I am familiar with the places he mentions. Blog and podcast combined are a good source of info and un-biased reviews.

3 Non Joggershttp://www.3nonjoggers.com – newest podcast I started listening too. 3 hosts, very funny. They drink scotch, get off topic, curse, ramble but somehow pull it together and relate it to running.

Run-Run-Livehttp://www.runrunlive.com – 1 host, he has a lot of interviews ranging from entrepreneurs, runners, business leaders…I am not really sure what he does but he travels a lot and runs pretty fast. His podcast is focused…he edits really well and somehow always comes up with new stuff and new segments to help runners. I really enjoy this one…and he also adds new music from unknown bands…some of which are really good.

PRS Fithttp://www.prsfitlive.com – This is my coach’s podcast. Coach Jeff and Coach Diane are great, they provide awesome information…and they stream live…if you have a chance to watch the live show definitely do, it’s a great source and they answer any and all questions. They have a great dynamic and you can feel they care about fitness and helping each athlete reach their potential.

Iron Brandonhttp://www.ironbrandon.com – Also one of the podcasts I have listened to for a long time, and have actively participated in the live show. Host is an opera singer/triathlete who trains and works in NY (for now). He is really good about writing reviews and does a lot of giveaways on his show. Because he practices multi sport disciplines he is a good source for equipment info and a nice person as well.

Non Running Related
*these require no explanation, pretty straight forward and are well known.
The History of Rome
Stuff You Should Know
How Stuff Works
Stuff You Missed In History Class
Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know
Ask a Ninja

If you have a podcast you would like to suggest let me know.  These are the current ones and obviously there will be more or less in the future, but definitely give them a listen.



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