Camelbak Quick Grip Handheld Bottle

The Camelback Handheld pretty much the Podium Bottle with a grip.  I reach for this bottle for runs that go 1-2 hours.  Of the handhelds I have in rotation I seem to always slip my hand into this one first because it is easy to use, and my training runs average right around this bottle’s range so I am carrying just enough.
Insulated Podium ChillJacket Bottle,
BPA-free TruTaste polypropylene
Leak proof cap seal
21 oz. / 610 ml fluid capacity
Sleeve with zippered pocket (mesh) – 40g – 1.5 oz

I have used this bottle on many training runs both on the trail and on the road.  I even took the bottle out of the handheld and used it when riding my road bike.  The average mileage for running would be 6-10 miles.  I think that is bottle is easier to use than some of the other popular handhelds out there.  The valve can be operated one handed and without having to bite or tug anything with your teeth.  That seems like something small but when I am tired I get tunnel vision and I forget to close the cap on other bottles or bite too hard and no one wants a chipped tooth because you’re not paying attention. 
I also like that the water stays cooler longer.  I sweat a lot and regular handhelds will heat up quick status.  I am not saying my hand produces boiling water or anything like that.  What I am saying is that the cool water is nice after an hour or so of running, as opposed to warm water.
The pocket does not fit as many GU’s as you may need.  Honey Stingers have to be bent and GU will fit (2 gels) and keys.  If you are going for an hour that should be plenty, but if you are going to re-fill on the run you may want to consider a combo approach.  Example, Hammer Nutrition’s “Heed” in the bottle for the first hour and then the two GU for the second after the refill with water only, but that will be up to each person.  If you were hoping to put a cell phone in there it is not going to happen.

Another warning; this bottle seems a little heavier than other comparable bottles (20-22 oz.).  It is going to be a matter of personal preference.  I am willing to roll with the extra weight if it means I get some cool liquid an hour into the run and the handheld is secure to my hand, it never feels like it will come off or break anytime soon.  That being said some more minimal style runners may enjoy a different bottle that keeps things as simple as possible.  I am not to that level yet, so I will take every advantage equipment has to offer.  

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