Bishop High Sierra Ultra Check list

In previous post I discussed nutrition and I am going to with GU and Hammer gels for calories, Endurolyte caps and water. Below is what I am packing. I assume that the aid stations not being that far from each other will give me the variety I need in case I get bored of gels only. Probably too much stuff but I want to be prepared just in case and I am a nerd when it comes to prepping.

Nike Shorts
Short Sleeve Tech T
NB Cooling Arm Sleeves
Garmin 310 XT
Zip lock with Endurolytes
Newton Trail Shoes (green goblins)
Dirty Girl Gaiters

Pack (depending on weather Salomon Skin or UD Wasp)
Endurolyte Caps
GU packets (6-8)
5 oz Soft Flask (hammer gel)
3 oz flask (hammer gel)
Tums-Aleve-in altoids tin

UD Wasp
2 Bottles of Hammer Gel (vanilla/Chocolate)
3 Packs of GU Chews
4 GU Gels (w/caffeine)
Endurolytes Bottle
Body Glide
Windbreaker Jacket
Nike long sleeve thermal
Extra Tech Shirt
Dry buff
Moeben Arm Warmers
Hoka Bondi B
Socks / Calf Sleeves (zensah)

Hope this will be enough, we’ll see


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