2013 The Year I Found Home

For the last few years I have written a reflection piece on the previous 12 months.  It allows me express my thankfulness for the blessings received and renews my spirit to seek out the challenges of the coming year with optimism and humility.

A few years my reflections were based on difference and contrast.  How am I better than I was?  Why did it take me so long to celebrate life?  Why did I stay in one relationship or another for so long?  Why did things not work out certain occasions when I swore they would? Etc.

2013 I learned that if you give 100% you never have to worry about living with regret.  I grew up and became a the man I wanted to be rather than the one I thought should be.  In true form, a picture tells 1000 words, so I put together my transforming images of 2013, the images which let feel HOME.

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