2014 Angeles Crest 100 DNF

     Angeles Crest 100 DNF is a tough pill to swallow as an DNF is.  When I first heard of the race I knew it would test my resolve but I did not expect to learn so much from the experience.  I can give a myriad of reasons and excuses why I was unable to complete the race.  Ultimately, my body was not prepared and I could not will it to continue.

     The machine through which we experience life is not invincible but it is malleable.  My smithing skills were simply not up to the task and I have accepted that fate.  But, rather than jumping at another race I am going to retire from the 100 milers until my body can perform to the standards my mind sets for it.  I have always had better luck with the 50 mile distance and will be focusing on those events for the time being.

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