Vista and Alex

The achilles issues have not disappeared despite being off my running feet for five months.  What I have managed to do is gain some weight and re-kindle my love for “conchas,” “cochinitos” and all other Mexican breads…delicious.  Fortunately my child is here to help me right the ship.  Vista arrived February of last year after a year and a half of waiting.  Originally I wanted to rescue a dog and sought Vizslas everywhere, but they are not that common of breed in California and the only rescues available were those V’s ready to retire.  I love them but my intent was to have a running partner for the next 10-12 years.  So, when I went to pick her up it took about 15 minutes for us to bond; she puked in the car.  Once she let all her insides out we spoke at length about my commitment to her and what i expected out of our relationship.  I did most of the talking but she seemed to understand.

When we got home puppy teeth, poop bags and endless praises for knowing where the grass was became part of everyday life.  Vizslas really are a one of a kind breed.  They are the best cuddles and lap dogs, but if they have not exercised they are what I imagine pop rocks are before you open the bag…just pure energy.  Fortunately she came with a built in UltraRunner spirit.  Out on the trails its like Christmas every time and all she wants is the most comfortable part of the couch and a friend to sit next to her.

Now that she has grown to full size I am beginning to run with her.  We have gone out for short 2 mile jogs and I am really looking forward to logging some fun miles with my little girl.


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