Banksy, Bukowski, Non-GMO and Chakras

Two weeks ago my fiancee and I went out with our photographer to have our engagement photos taken.  I am not really sure where that tradition started but the shots had two effects on me.  The first is to acknowledge how fortune has smiled on me without even realizing it.  For a few years I worked at dating.  Yes, work.

2014-03-11 18.16.43
March 2014 Los Angeles Marathon

I found it really difficult to date and particularly in Los Angeles.  I am generally pretty nerdy and my dating habits eventually broke Los Angeles down into regions.  The more Westside-ish I roamed the words organic, non-GMO, and chakra entered my vernacular.  But in Silverlake or Eagle Rock I stuck to “Banksy”, “Bukowski”, and “(anything) Noir”.  Wandering out towards Pasadena, Long Beach or the Valley the words changed again…you get the idea.

I am firm believer that speech informs thought and that the reverse it true, i.e as you speak so do you think.  I met excellent human beings along the way that showed me the error of my Kantian ways (categorical imperative) and taught me \ dating was not pre-determined by region or pre-determined at all.  Dating is the honest expression of self to another with the expectation of the same in return.

My fiancee and I had an interesting dating history.  We had dates in Hollywood, Griffith Park, Venice, Downtown, the Angeles Crest, Wrightwood, Orange County and even Little Italy in San Diego.  She pretty much shattered my “regions” concept into a thousand tiny little pieces.  I could be unabashedly myself without fear of not being accepted and I extended the same courtesy to her.

march 2015

The second effect of the photos is to spur a revival in motivation.  I am taking the lesson into my training and shattering my preconceptions of what I can and cannot do.  Returning to running has been a struggle.  I cannot figure out what the pain in my ankle area is and unfortunately my doctors are not helping much either.  They prescribe medication but to what end?  The dull feelings and then an inevitable return of the pain.  I have decided to “run through it” and chronicle that mission here.  I know that running through an injury is generally not the right way to go, but I feel I have no other choice.  I rested it since October (5 months now) and I could walk without pain for a few weeks.  I went for a 2 mile run and the pain returned as if it had never left.

Since my break I have gained 30 lbs and its getting to be a real hassle on my life.  I don’t like being out of shape especially not with my wedding on the horizon.  So here goes to trying the wrong options but maybe I will get lucky, just like I did in finding her.


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  1. Congratulations, Alex!

    Regarding the matter of running through the injury, you’re right, it’s generally frowned upon. That said, it’s the only thing that has worked for me on numerous occasions. My advice, as just some guy who’s gone through a number or unexplained injuries, is just to be very careful, listen to your body, and only push as far as feels right for the given run. I’ve run 15 mile runs through injuries before because I wasn’t feeling any pain at that moment. The next day, I was, so I laid off a day, ran a short run the next day, built back up, and so on. It’s a nuisance of a project but as long as you pay close attention, you’ll probably be okay. At least, based on my experience! I hope yours ends up being similar and that after a while you’ll end up with the same results I always have – a day where you think, “Oh yeah, I was running through an injury for a while. I guess I’m not any more!”

    Good luck!


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