HardwarewordprocessorI am a huge fan of manual typewriters. I high school I used a Brother word processor with a screen that allowed me to spell check and save documents onto a floppy disk. For those younger readers out there, imagine a disk about the size of a coaster that could hold 1/3 of an mp3.

Throughout high school and college I also sent a lot of mail.  In high school my letters were to my girlfriends.  Why would a young man write to his girlfriend rather than just talk to her?  Well the answer is that I attended a Catholic boarding school.  When there are 60 teenage boys needing to use the phone at the odd time of 1pm – 3:15 pm you can imagine that calls to your girlfriend are few and far between.

I got a phone until after I had my first job.  My generation was part of that awkward beeper code to cellphone movement.   AirTouch Cellular was the dominant force in mobile communication and you had to punch a key three times in order to get the letter you wanted for text messages.  When I started writing consistently a first class stamp was 32 cents.

Over the years my letter writing slowed to a crawl because technology was such that no one got mail anymore.  I have kept a personal journal since high school and in Moleskine’s since 2001-02. (recently switched to Leuchtturm1917).  I read Thoreau’s Walden and was inspired and have kept it going for a few years now.  Now the bulk of my writing is my law school notes.

IMG_1117Instead of shrinking a letter to a note I decided to get a manual typewriter.  I focused on typewriters that were used by authors I admired.  For example this Studio 44, is the same model Ralph Ellison used to write “The Invisible Man”.

This week is my first attempt at a typecasting blog post.  It is a different form of expression than I am used to.  Its a popular method with the typewriter bunch in order to display the nuances of the font and the oddities of each machine.

Fitness is a journey of many miles built on tiny steps.  I realized that I need an intermediate goal to focus on.  When all of our goals are in the future or some other place we risk the chance of making our goals “other.”  When our goals become other we no longer own them in the present but rather in some distant place making it less likely that we will ever accomplish them.  Thus, an intermediate goal to help me on my way.  By focusing on an intermediate goal I am keeping those long term goals more obtainable and building towards them rather than just shooting in the dark and hoping something sticks.  So this week my first typecast is about my intermediate fitness goal.


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