stress-unhappy-face-400x400This is a special time of year.  Law students live at the library fueled by coffee and adrenaline for the privilege of trying to spill their brains out onto an exam only to be gifted a wait time of 6-8 weeks before they get the grades back.  I know don’t everyone sign up at once.  But, I personally have found there are benefits to this level of stress.

The first benefit is an insatiable energy that is either channeled to Netflix Marathons (not recommended) or to fitness (recommended).  I personally find that forcing myself to take a break and workout is a huge boost to my moral and it reflects on my studying.  If I am in a good mood my study habits are more effective, efficient and memorable.  I am an audio learner, so I understand that for me to succeed I have to hear it and not only see the material.  This is a challenge since law school is a place for readers.

So…I tape lectures and then take them with me onto the trail.  I admit it is not exciting to see a rattle snake or a beautiful sunset with “Corporations are seen as people but not natural persons…” in my ear but concessions have to be made.

af57dda18c3d851821163e418d9ed7ccThe second benefit of the stress is that I am thankful for the opportunity that my stress is a final in an air-conditioned room.  No matter how “bad” that is it is nowhere near the stress of wondering what I am going to eat that day, or if I have a place to sleep that night.  I am part of that group of americans that tends to take my blessings for granted 99% of the time.  I just don’t think about them.  Stress helps me realize and put myself in context.

I get to take a final.  I get to workout while listening to lectures that simultaneously strengthens my mind and my body.  In the big scheme of things I am pretty lucky.  As a cherry on top my running partner is always willing to go and adjust to my schedule, so long as we get our excercise in she is good.

As athletes we have a special responsibility to ourselves and to our community.  We are the group that seeks to be better on the outside; how amazing if we can put in the same effort to be better on the inside too.


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