The First Days in Buenos Aires

First Meal in Buenos Aires - Solo de Milanesa
First Meal in Buenos Aires – Solo de Milanesa

Since I arrived I have had very little time to adjust to Buenos Aires.  The time change, humidity and culture are a lot to take in during the first few days.  Additionally, my luggage did not arrive when I did so tracking it down and then getting it too me required more work than anticipated so I missed a City Tour and Welcome Lunch.  But, this hustle and stress forced me to interact with the locals and they are wonderful.  I had heard that Argentines are rude and arrogant bunch.  The arrogance is true to a degree.  They are a very proud people especially of their soccer and history and very direct rather than rude.  Argentines simply ask what they want to know and are clear about what they want or expect.  I can respect them for it and people I encountered were extremely helpful.  One woman at a MoviStar actually explained how the cell phone process worked and suggested a few places (not her shop) to buy an unlocked cell phone because that would serve me best.  An attendant at the hotel lent me a power converter for my phone since my luggage was lost and waived all my local calls to the airport.

Food is a different animal in Buenos Aires.  Breakfast and lunch are at the standard times, but dinner somehow for some unknown reason is a 10 pm occurrence.  The expectation is that you enjoy Mate and a snack at around 6 pm to hold you over until 10 – 11 pm when you proceed to have dinner.  I showed up starving at a restaurant around 8:30 pm

Planetario - Bosques De Palermo
Planetario – Bosques De Palermo

and was informed they did not open for 30-40 minutes.  The few brave souls who wander out after dinner find a city that does not sleep.  The appropriate arrival time at a club or bar is 1 – 2 am!!!  When do these people sleep?

I am staying in the neighborhood of Palermo Botanico.  I am pretty much near the center of the bar and club scene for BA youth.  But, I wanted to live here for the lakes of Palermo and the access to car-less running routes not available anywhere else in the city.  I have not had a chance to go out for a run yet because I don’t feel I am combating the humidity enough.  I sweat like a crazy person and then immediately after cooling down I get cold.  Its an odd temp cycle out here and before taking on random paths I wanted to feel confident I was not going to get caught dehydrated.  So tomorrow thats the plan.  I have reached out to a few running clubs in the area and hopefully I can join them for a few miles and maybe make a few new friends along the way.

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