Updated 2016 Goals

This year I was lucky enough to be back as a Tailwind Nutrition Ambassador. Tailwind Nutrition has been there for my best finishes and I just don’t use anything else. In order to motivate and inspire others Tailwind asks us what our schedule for the year is. Historically, someone will send you a message or a note saying they are thinking about you and wishing you good luck on your race.
This year is a little different for me because I am unsure of what “race” I will be doing. I have a few goals I want to hit, but a lot of them are contingent upon a good CT scan later this month. My surgery went well and I feel that I am recovering, but there is always a risk that something unexpected will appear. Two weeks ago, I yawned and felt as if my forehead was going to crack. Imagine the feeling you have right before your back cracks or a knuckle cracks..now imagine that between your eyes. Its one of the scariest feelings because forehead cracking is 100% unwelcome.
Baring any issues with my health I want to accomplish the following goals this year:
  1. 100 miles
  2. sub 2 hr 1/2 Marathon
  3. sub 10 hr 50 miler
  4. achieve a healthy weight
  5. graduate from law school in December 2016
I am setting modest goals for myself because I know my body is still healing. The doctors told me it would take about 6-8 months for my skull to grow and cover the metal that is holding everything together. But, I do not want to use that as a crutch, my fist words when asked if my running days were over was “I am going to get faster”. I know having a good nutrition plan, along with avery understanding wife means I will meet and exceed those expectations.

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