Lamy Safari Rollerball Review

I write a lot.  I have used (and still use) a variety of pens.  Each pen has a different place and function for me and a lot of it has to do with the quality of paper I am working with.  For example short letters I use Crane & Co stationary, Bullet Journalling I use Field Notes (dot Grid), and for journaling the Leuchtturm 1917 a5 size notebook.  Naturally I use the ubiquitous yellow legal pads for lectures.


Since the paper quality will vary depending on what I am writing on so does the pen.  I am not a big baller so no Mont Blanc or anything like that, but since I do write often I am picky with ink and cognizant of how it gets laid onto paper.



My writing is small and almost type-like.  The feeling of the pen influences how many or how few pages get filled.  This semester my hand began cramping up more than normal.  I attribute it to my overall grip weakness coupled with the fact I have not been climbing in a while.  So when I came upon a Lamy Safari Rollerball I was excited.  The pen itself is lightweight yet sturdy.  The plastic feels like Legos.

The grip is a love/hate relationship for most people but I found I really like it.  The finger position helps me not write with my fingers and instead use my wrist (I know I am odd to notice such things).


image1The disappointing thing about the Safari is the ink.  The M63 refill has a tremendous ink flow that even with light pressure.  Also, it lays down a think line but will thin out on the tops of “s” or “t” when writing quickly.  This greatly annoyed me since I could not use it for cursive and quick notes were not as clear as I am used to seeing with other types of ink.  So I decided to fix the ink situation since I liked the pen.



I hacked the Lamy Safari to work with a JetStream Refill.  JetStream refills dry quickly and lay down a quick yet consistent lines.  I swapped the ink out for a .5m jetStream refill from another pen.  A straight swap does not work because as you will see everywhere online Lamy makes you buy Lamy refills.  But with a little improvisation a good pen became a great one and my refills will be cheaper too.



  1. I am thinking of getting a Safari rollerball for the body only. I also use Jetstream disposables and would love to get that ink into the Safari body. Could you clarify as to which Jetstream refill you used? Standard or retractable? Also, what do you use to create the spacer? Thanks for any feedback!


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