the progeny of theft

After class I drove home with relatively little traffic which is unheard of in Los Angeles.  Upon arrival I noticed my parking storage lock was broken off.  Immediately my happy no traffic mood changed.  I know that although the loss of my O-Grill and vacuum is nothing compared to getting mugged or being the victim of a violent crime.  It bothers me in a subtle way because its small enough to sting but not scar.

The sting does make me feel unsafe and hyperaware of my family’s safety.  The storage contains empty boxes for the electronics that I use everyday like my ScanSnap or my xBox.  Its a convenient place to store them, but now that sting makes me wonder if I gave a thief a target.  Someone with sticky fingers and little respect for others is aware of electronics that I use everyday.  Some of those electronics are no longer with me but if inspired they can go after my home and potentially harm those I love.

I have filed a police report but I doubt anything will happen.  It makes me sad that someone feels the need to steal.  I know they are now aware of more valuable things inside my apartment and given the fact that around the corner from my carport there is a camera I don’t think they much care about being caught.

I am thankful its only material things and that in the overall scheme of things not important.  But, these are the types of events that motivate gun ownership.  I am not a violent person but I will not hesitate to protect my family.  I do not like being forced to think this way and I do wish that the thieves at least use whatever proceeds for something good, but who knows

The progeny of theft is varied.  For me its the thoughts of protecting my family at any cost and the paranoia that comes with having your privacy violated.  For the thief its the thrill of obtaining something for nothing which could escalate to a life of crime.  I will pray for the thieves that they may find help outside of the criminal justice system because when they are in its tough to get out.  I would hate for some kid to have a record over a grill and a vacuum, but we all reap what we sow.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.55.36 PM 2

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