33 Mile Birthday Run

A few years ago I started the self imposed tradition of running my age on my birthday.  A few years have gone by where I either missed because of injury or I was unable to schedule it, but this year I felt a sense of urgency to complete the run.  As most of you know I had a bi-frontal craniotomy December 2015 which served to add a semester to law school, but more importantly to take stock and appreciate the gift of health.

Since surgery I had not run double digits, i.e. no more than 10 miles.  I would never suggest that anyone decide to run more than a marathon with little training and recovering from neurosurgery.  But, given my experience with idiocy and penchant for suffering I gave it a go…Anaheim to Mission San Juan Capistrano in one shot.

In order to keep the run as safe as possible I checked my ego at the door on the way out.  The day was going to be 90+ degrees and because I would be carrying my own supplies most of the run I promised myself to stay under 138 beats per minute during the whole trek to guarantee: (1) avoid injury, (2) be able to process nutrition and H20, (3) enjoy the experience.

Equipment/ Nutrition

  • Salomon S-Lab Pack (1.5 Liter Bladder)
  • UV Buff
  • Patagonia Duckbill Hat
  • Patagonia Top and Long Hauler Shorts
  • Tailwind Nutriton
  • Gear: First Aid Kit, iPhone6, iPod Shuffle, ID & Debit Card, $10 Cash
  • Part 1 – First 13 Miles
  • Part 2 – 20 Miles – separate bc I started the live tracking

Originally, I was going to start the run at midnight and avoid the heat of the day. But, running through certain areas…Anaheim, Ca and Santa Ana, Ca at night is not advisable. So I started the run when my wife went to work around and she met me a little over a marathon into the run.  When we met up I swapped out my pack and used a handheld water bottle because she was monitoring my progress live through the Garmin Live Track link so all the gear was unnecessary.

Overall i think the run went really well and setting clear rules from the start was the key to success.  I finished tired but not destroyed and although I was out for several hours I only lost 3 lbs which is shocking because on a normal harder 5 mile run I have lost up to 4 lbs.  So here is to health and the hope that we keep doing those things that motivate us.

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