Julian 12 Hr 50km – Update

L14066444_10100982382379739_7444936558912087827_oately I have been overwhelmed.  The prospect of graduating law school, although exciting, is nerve racking considering that in order for the journey to be “complete” you have to pass the notorious california bar exam.  So on that note, training is getting better as my consistency ticks up.
I have not regressed into the ankle tendonitis that wrecked me for the last few years, but it seems that my training hurdles are now more mental.  I am overall tired and just weary without any clear explanation.  Naturally, I think its due to stress, etc, etc., but the fact is instead of fighting it I am simply accepting it.
14088580_10100982383133229_6589384874367644511_nI accept it for two reason: (1) its about time I honestly focused on recovery (2) my body is clearly telling me something.  I will continue to train and build momentum but I will not be as hard on myself as I have been in the past.  I am hopeful that as my body gets stronger and the lingering effects of the head surgery dissipate I will get back to it and complete some of those long term fitness and professional goals.
On a positive note I did compete at the Full Moon Julian 12 hour event August 20, 2016 and ran 50km.  It was not stellar, but given that the course is a 1 km loop my biggest concern going in was whether or not I could mentally engage despite the monotony of the course.  I was really excited that I was able to stay mentally in it for the duration…so good things are on the horizon.

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